O.R.C.A (Ocean Recreation Careers Australasia) is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Provider Number 31105 specialising in delivery of Nationally Recognised Training (NRT) across Australia. O.R.C.A is the leading RTO in underwater sports and outdoor recreation careers. NRT provides you with the highest level of training to ensure professional, well respected and experienced leaders.

O.R.C.A specialises in providing training and career pathways to recreational divers, dive professionals and industry members. We provide REAL qualifications to all levels and O.R.C.A can give recognition for your achievements, experience and expertise. If your passion includes a water based activity O.R.C.A may be able to provide you with the training and qualification you deserve – meeting the highest of standards. Our training goes beyond the classroom, computer, and workplace and into the UNREAL world.

Our objective is to raise the standard of safety, service and professionalism by underpinning our industry with the quality control systems and training methodology of the VET system.

We have assembled an impressive team that melds the expertise of long term VET professionals and industry leaders to create and deliver programs that raise the standard of the industry. Our team has years of industry experience and expertise which ensures the needs of all students are met and outcomes are successful when you train with O.R.C.A.

We are proud to be the leaders in developing industry specific courses and skill sets designed to strengthen an industry we are passionate about. We have taken the lead in Training and Assessment, Marine Research, Dive Industry Fundamentals and more. Our strong industry relationships and extensive consultation ensures we understand what is needed and our strong VET background ensures you get it right.


ASQA Compliance Audit Report.